Do I need a referral?

No, to attend our clinic you do not need a referral. We have nurse practitioners and orthopaedic surgeons on site and we can arrange any required referral for you.

Can my GP refer me?

Absolutely your GP can refer you to our clinic. Your GP is welcome to call our clinic directly to discuss your injury or simply provide you with a referral. We will then ensure that we send all correspondence regarding your care to your GP during the course of your treatment. This will ensure they are part of your recovery process.

Do I need private health insurance?

No you do not need private health insurance. Private health insurance provides no benefits to your costs in an outpatient clinic. If you do not have private health insurance and you require surgery for your injury the doctors can refer you to the public hospital ensuring you have no expenses for your operation. Some private health insurance cover will offer a rebate on immobilising splints. We will provide you with a receipt to make a claim.

I don’t have Medicare what can I do?

You can attend the ACCESS ORTHO clinic. You will be responsible to pay your full account and then claim through your insurance company if they cover you for medical care. We will bill you at the same rate as Medicare and out of pocket rates.

Do you arrange surgery at ACCESS ORTHO?

If the doctors determine you require surgery for your injury we will arrange this for you. We can arrange surgery with a surgeon of your choice or a surgeon that has expertise in your injury, this may or may not be a surgeon from the clinic depending on theatre availability, patient convenience and hospital preference. We can also arrange referrals to the public hospital system. Our goal is to ensure your injury is treated rapidly and in the most convenient manner.

I just need a moon boot can I get this from ACCESS ORTHO?

Yes we sell and fit moon boots, crutches and other slings / splints. If your GP or specialist doctor has requested you need this we can assist with this. For costs associated with this please call the clinic. Please ensure the doctor has written a letter with their request to ensure we provide the appropriate care.

I have a plaster cast on following an injury but I am looking for something that is light weight or more comfortable can I come to your clinic for this?

Yes you can. However we will need a full history of your injury and we will need to make contact with your treating doctor to ensure the alternative cast is appropriate for your injury. Give our clinic a call and we will assist you to make the best decision regarding this.

The cast / EXOS splint you put on feels uncomfortable what should I do?

You should immediately call our clinic and we will arrange for you to return to clinic ASAP to adjust it. If this occurs after hours and is severe please contact your nearest emergency department.

I have a public fracture clinic appointment coming up following an injury do I have to go?

If you have sustained an injury and your follow up care is booked in public fracture clinic you have some options. You absolutely must arrange follow up with a doctor either in the clinic or elsewhere to ensure no complications arise from your injury. However if you would like to have your follow up at ACCESS ORTHO we will happily care for you. The advantages to some patients are the convenience of choosing when you make your appointment and a shorter wait time.

My child has just injured themselves I am not sure if they have a broken bone or not what should I do?

Call us at ACCESS ORTHO, we can arrange an assessment and required radiology. This will ensure that we can make a rapid treatment plan in direct consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon for their injury. If it is after hours and your child is comfortable, there are no signs of deformity, they have normal feeling in their limb and there are no other injuries there is usually not an immediate rush to seek treatment. In this situation we recommend you leave a message on our answering machine and monitor the injury closely. If anything changes or you are at all concerned present to your nearest emergency department. Alternatively we will call you as soon as clinic opens and make an urgent appointment for them to see us.

Can I get an x-ray at ACCESS ORTHO?

We can refer for all radiology at ACCESS ORTHO. We have a radiology practice located in the same centre as us or we can refer you to a radiologist of your choice. Our medical staff can access x-rays and scans done at most radiology practises in Brisbane.

Do I need to keep seeing my G.P. about my injury?

At ACCESS ORTHO we are trying to take this burden away from your G.P. and provide easy access to expert orthopaedic care for treatment of your fracture or injury. As such, once you have started being seen by the medical team at ACCESS ORTHO, there is often no need to see your G.P. for ongoing care of that specific injury. We ask that if you have further issues with your fracture treatment (such as a cast or brace feeling too tight or too loose), that you contact our offices and we will make appropriate arrangements for further review. Please note that we will not provide scripts for analgesic medications without appointment. We will provide correspondence to our GP regarding your injury and treatment so they are aware of your medical care. Clearly if your GP is happy to manage your injury we will provide detailed correspondence to them and will be available at any time your GP has concerns.